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The purpose of this document is to establish the obligations and requirements Stranraer and Rhins of Galloway Agricultural Society (hereinafter known as ‘The Society’) believes it is responsible for under legislation and in order to comply with what is considered good practice. The Society has written this policy to protect Members, Exhibitors, Friends, Family and Children of Exhibitors, Website Users and Members of the Company. The Society is aware of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that came into effect on 25th May 2018. It has reviewed its Data Protection and Privacy Policy accordingly to ensure that is compliant with legislation and best practice.

The Society considers the most likely information to be held to be; Names of Exhibitors; Names of Exhibits; Ages of Exhibits and Exhibitors; Addresses of Exhibits and Exhibitors; Dates of Birth; Telephone Numbers; E-mail addresses; Website visits and Cookies. The Society has considered the effect of GDPR on its activities. The Society will not share your information with any other organization and considers itself accountable.

Our Commitment to you
The Society has considered how information retained whether verbal, written, photographical, or
intellectual will;

  • Be processed fairly and lawfully. It is not the Society’s intention to breach any law or regulation at any time.
  • Be obtained only for specific, lawful purposes. The Society will retain information it requires in connection with its core business which it considers to be the holding of its annual agricultural show.
  • Be adequate, relevant and not excessive. The Society does not intend to store extensive or intensive information.
  • Be accurate and kept up to date. The Society will endeavour to keep information up to date. To do this we ask you to update us.
  • Not be held for any longer than necessary. Should you ask us in writing to delete or remove the information we hold on you, we will.
  • Processed in accordance with the rights of data subjects. It is not the Society’s intention to breach any law or regulation at any time.
  • Be protected in appropriate ways. The Society will ensure safeguards as to how it stores your information whether electronically or otherwise.
  • Not be transferred outside the European Economic Area (EEA), unless that country or territory also ensures an adequate level of protection. The Society does not operate outside of the UK.

What we ask of you
Should you wish us to remove your details from our records please contact us by writing to the Secretary. Please keep us informed of any name, address or contact detail changes if you wish us to send you information, including premium lists. When you enter a class; apply for a tradestand or apply for Membership, you are giving us consent to retain your information under GDPR. When you no longer wish us to hold information relating to you please notify us.

The Society believes that all Show Council Members and Officers have a duty to promote the importance of Data Protection. The Officers are the designated Data Protection Officers for the purpose of compliance with the Act. Under GDPR – please inform us directly of any Subject access requirements. We will comply within the Statutory time period. You can do this by writing to the Secretary. Any breach of Data Protection Laws or Regulations will be subject to investigation by at least two Directors.

Data Storage – Paper
The Society has risk assessed the data it is likely to store on persons that provide it with information. It regards the nature of information held as limited and the harm that can be caused by the imparting of this information as low. The Society will however take all reasonable steps to ensure Data Protection. The Society believes that Data Protection Impact Assessments are not relevant to its activities. This information is typically limited to specific areas of the show that are of interest to the individual who supplied the information. For example – This means that if an Exhibitor enters the ‘Horse’ section of the show, the Secretary may in the future contact the past exhibitor with details of any future show. The Society considers its core business as the holding of the annual Stranraer Agricultural Show. It will not send out in any continued significant mail shot or e-mail marketing (of spam proportions). The Society will not make a nuisance of itself or bombard individuals with information relating to future events. Where information is stored by paper means it will not leave this information unsecured. This means that any person who does not need to see this information will not have sight of it. The Society will ensure papers are locked or secured in a drawer, filing cabinet or room – or in such a way as to prevent unauthorised review. Information stored by paper means will be destroyed securely by shredding when no longer required. The Society regards that financial information held is very restricted. Where transactions are paid by online, this means it will rely on any process required by the relevant bank. It will not retain copies, i.e. where a direct debit mandate is completed. We will ask you to submit the mandate to your bank directly.

Data Storage – Electronic
The Society will ensure that strong passwords are used wherever Show Council Members or Officers need to send or receive information. Websites and E-mail Exchange Servers are to be encrypted/protected by Firewall in accordance with any recommendation from our IT Consultants.

The website and Facebook page contain numerous photographs of exhibitors, crowds or groups of people. We do not want to offend or cause harm or upset. Where we are requested to remove photographs or similar from the website we will review the photograph and respond to you. We may obscure faces to hide identities etc. Where children are the subject of a photograph we will endeavour to obtain parental consent. It is our intention only for photographs to portray the spirit and atmosphere of the event. We recognise that people may intentionally or unintentionally feature in these photographs and that they may in some cases very much feature within the picture. Please consider the photographs in the spirit they are intended.

Lawful Basis
We will only retain the bare minimum of information . This is specifically identified as the information we require from you to enter classes or apply for Membership/Tradestands. The Society considers consent has been provided under the law of contract when entries/membership/goods or services are paid for. The Society does not operate in any other EU Member states.

Non-Personal Information
We may from time to time look at non-personal information provided by you either directly or non-directly. When you visit our website, we may look at the browser you use etc in order to establish if we can improve the website for your enjoyment. We may also analyse Cookies in order to do this. This information is anonymous. It may be collected only to ensure our website mains functional enjoyable and friendly to use.